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About Us

Our story is rooted in a genuine desire to redefine the repair experience, born from the frustrations of our founders who, much like many device owners, had encountered lackluster repair services. What began as a response to a common need soon transformed into a journey dedicated to setting a new standard in the industry.

Stated at the University of Bristol, FixMyCrack (FMC) by Casey Sather, an Astrophysics student who, while studying, started repairing phones for friends. This small endeavor blossomed into the award-winning venture, Brisfix, which won the Innovation stage of the Bristol New Enterprise Competition in 2020. The journey began with a singular idea – to revolutionize tech repair through student-driven innovation.

The Evolution of FMC: FMC has come a long way since those early days. What started as a pilot project has now transformed into a dynamic tech repair service operating on university campuses. FMC is driven by student teams, providing affordable and reliable repairs directly to the university community. FMC collaborates with universities to set up permanent shopfronts on campuses, ensuring a seamless and transparent repair experience. Comm

At the heart of FixMyCrack is a commitment to sustainability, transparency, and community empowerment. With a green ethos, FMC operates as a carbon-aware service, recycling electronic parts, and planting a tree for every repair, as well as using sustainable transport options for its repiars on the move. Transparency is embedded in our processes; your device won't disappear into a black box – we keep you informed at every stage. Beyond fixing gadgets, FMC empowers students by providing valuable skills through comprehensive training programs, fostering a community-driven approach to tech repair. We prioritize quality, utilizing premium UK-sourced parts, and ensuring meticulous checks before installation.

FixMyCrack isn't just a tech repair service; it's a movement. Our journey is marked by innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to transforming the tech landscape. Join us in redefining how technology is repaired, one campus at a time. We're not just fixing devices; we're empowering students, embracing sustainability, and fostering a sense of community in every repair. Welcome to the Crack Team – where tech meets innovation, and service goes beyond repairs.

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