FixMyCrack's Student Tech Blog - Hello!

FixMyCrack's Student Tech Blog - Hello!

A low-key University student: So, I want to buy a new phone but I am on a budget. Let’s see…Damn, there is a lot of information available on the Internet. Umm, okay what the heck is AMOLED? The annoying jargons tech gurus use. Urgg, what articles should I read? What videos should I watch? Am I a tech virgin?

Fix My Crack Team: We hear you!

Hello and welcome to Fix my Crack Student tech blogs. My name is Suhani and I’m a 22-year-old MSc Marketing Management student at the University of Southampton. Currently, I’m a Marketing intern at Fix My Crack. I am very pleased to announce that I will be writing blogs for the company in the future.

Why are we writing a student tech blog?

Our goal through blogs is to educate and empower students. We will be blogging about latest technologies, stories, tips, tricks, hacks and basically all the cool stuff you can do with your smart device. This is a safe space, so you’re free to disagree with us and start a discussion. The blogs will be a fun and easy read to all. (Even if you don’t know anything about tech!).


We will be posting our blogs once a week. So stay tuned!