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Investing in our student staff

Interested in working for us?

If you’re a student with an interest in tech and how devices work, we’d love to hear from you!
Simply send a cover letter and your CV to

Life as a student? We get it

It can be tricky juggling a degree, a job and a social life
We allow our technicians to work flexibly around their university degrees, giving them the freedom they need to study properly.

Not your average job
Our student technicians are highly trained to handle ourcustomers’ valuable technology, uphold our transparent repair process and act as the smiling face of the company, so are paid above the national living wage

Investing in our staff
Real world experience is key to a student’s growth and helps them land internship and graduate roles both during and after university. As a student start-up, we’re able to involve our technicians and help cultivate their ideas.
Bringing an idea from drawing board to fruition with concrete results does wonders for a students CV, and we love helping our staff realize their potential.


Get in contact if interested in an internship. Here’s what our previous interns have got to say about the company:

Jack B - Former Chief Technical Officer

“I started working for FixMyCrack as a part-timer during my 4th year of Uni. It was a great opportunity to start learning some real professional skills and applying them to an actual business!

I enjoyed working with Casey and the Team so much that I joined them full-time after I finished my degree. We worked together to build out 4 university teams from scratch, and along the way I found out a lot about how best to work in a team, and how I want to shape my future career.

FixMyCrack was always a supportive environment to work in, and I will look back on my experience with them fondly. Best of luck FMC team!”

Ella G - Marketing

I began working for FMC when I found their marketing internship on my university website when I was beginning my third year. I knew I wanted to completely change my career path, steering away from my degree. Working with Casey and the team making content for Instagram and TikTok gave me the opportunity to really branch out and try something new!

Being able to work so closely with a CEO and the rest of the FMC team gave me an insight into the dynamics of how a small start-up works. Since starting, I have been able to develop a whole variety of new skills, such as improving customer service on our Freshers Stalls, or through creating content for our new re-branded website. Being part of a start-up means you are working with a really close-knit team of passionate, like-minded students.

FMC has given me the opportunity to try my hand at something that I love, and have given me the support and guidance to excel in my new career prospects.

Nick R - Marketing and Technical Intern

“According to GUESSS, only 8.8% of students intend to go directly into entrepreneurship following their university degree. Casey Sather, founder and CEO of Fix My Crack, fell into this minority after realizing the need for honesty, transparency and affordability in the tech repair industry. Over the summer of 2021, it was incredibly insightful and rewarding working with Casey on a number of projects, especially in the run-up to the September launch.

Working in an SME means you have real impact – it’s easy to see the fruits of your labour. For example, one of my tasks was to find a tangible social impact FMC could have. After some research and several meetings with the founder of GetMads, we formed a partnership meaning that FMC’s customers have the carbon footprint of their phone counteracted by repairing with us.

I highly recommend working for FMC, and wish the team the best of luck in the future.”

Pasant G

Interning at FMC has been an invaluable experience that I will forever treasure. Working closely with the team in a fast paced, dynamic startup environment taught me so much and equipped me with many valuable skills – exactly what I needed for the next step in my career.

Casey gave me the freedom to be creative and have a say in developing my role in the company which I’m grateful for. The team and work culture is fun and friendly and we still manage to get so much done with Casey at the helm! This is a great environment for anyone wanting a taste of the startup world or simply some work experience!

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