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Repair and Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. FixMyCrack shall require the passcode of my device in order to carry out tests on the device before and after the repair.  If I should choose to not provide the passcode, FixMyCrack is not liable for faults that could not be detected due to limited access.

  1. Any time estimate for completion of any service to my device is to be taken as an estimate only.  FixMyCrack will always aim to return your device back to me on the quoted turn-around time.  However, in some cases, for reasons out of FixMyCrack’s control, this cannot be guaranteed.

  1. FixMyCrack shall be entitled to keep my device until any outstanding payments for services completed on my device have been made.

  1. I understand that FixMyCrack is not an authorized service dealer, and that repairs rendered may void manufacturer warranties for my device, which FixMyCrack does not assume any liability for.

  1. All of FixMyCrack’s repaired devices come with a 6 month warranty, in which if the part replaced fails with no indication of accidental damage, FixMyCrack will replace the part free of any additional charges.

  1. I understand that in cases where the returned device appears to have accidental damage the warranty will no longer be valid.  FixMyCrack will have the final say in terms of voiding this warranty.

  1. I understand that following the repair service any water-proofing or resistance cannot be guaranteed.

  1. I agree to resolve all disputes with FixMyCrack through binding arbitration.  By signing this repair authorization contract I am waiving my right to a lawsuit.

  1. If my device is damaged beyond economical repair as a direct result of a service or repair carried out by FixMyCrack I am entitled to a fully functional refurbished device of equal value to the original device based on its model and condition.  In this instance full payment must be made for the repair service and FixMyCrack are entitled to possession of the damaged device.

  1. Any data or information that is stored on the device will remain my sole responsibility and FixMyCrack does not accept liability for loss or corruption of such data.  I understand that it is also my responsibility to backup my device prior to using FixMyCrack’s service, and that they highly recommend doing so.

  1. FixMyCrack does not take responsibility for any progression in damage where your device has been repaired elsewhere prior to this repair.

  1. I understand that these warranties do not cover any issues that are the result of physical or liquid damage to the device while in my possession after the date of this signing.

  1. Due to the nature of electronics repair, FixMyCrack employees cannot accurately identify hidden issues inside your electronic equipment.  Consequently, FixMyCrack cannot be held responsible for devices that are no longer operational after an attempted repair.

  1. In visibly carrying out a pre-checklist, I accept that FixMyCrack have tested the mentioned functions of the device.  If unable to perform a pre-checklist or any functions are not tested, FixMyCrack does not assume responsibility for functions not working properly after the repair.  Any such unchecked functions are not covered under the warranty and will only be fixed at the expense of the customer.

FixMyCrack cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for Non-Operational devices after repair or attempted repair, or be held liable for loss of information such as phone books, calendar, ringtones, music and all other end user data during the repair process.  I am responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing my device to FixMyCrack and for providing copies of any licensed software if necessary.

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FixMyCrack is a better repair service founded by students.

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We will make every effort to meet you
the same day. Our repairs take under
an hour, so you have your tech ready
as soon as possible.


Full Warranty

Our parts are UK sourced and we use
them ourselves! We offer full 6-Month
warranty an all our parts, so if you're
not satisfied, you dont' pay.



We won funding and general
bragging rights from the Bristal New
Enterprise Competition in 2020. Now
We're trusted by thousands of
students from live universities.

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